Clipping IR

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Reportagem “IR Eventos quer aumentar presença no Turismo de Negócios” in Publituris, 02 Outubro 2015 – Autora: Patrícia Afonso, Fotos: DR

IR Eventos article in Publituris Magazine, released in October,2nd -2015. Publituris is a notourious portuguese magazine specialized in Tourism and Meeting Industry.

Clipping IR

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Há 5 anos, o nosso cocktail ‘In&Outgoing’, fazia notícia na “Publituris”! Ao nosso lado, a promover os destinos Paris e Nice, tivemos a TAP, a Aigle Azur e a Atout France.

5 years ago, our company was refered in “Publituris”, a portuguese newspaper specialized in national tourism. The main theme was our ‘In&Outgoing’ Cocktail, occasion to promote our Income and Outgoing Services with the support of airline companies ‘TAP’ and ‘Aigle Azur’ and the France Tourism Development Agency ‘Atout France’.